When students register in any capacity (undergraduate, graduate, visiting, degree-seeking, etc.) with any campus of Rutgers University, they are assiged a Rutgers University Identification Number, known as an RUID. This is a nine digit number. When students complete their registration with the university, this number is normally given to them. The number is used to track all registration transactions, and may be used (along with the Personal Access Code) to log into a number of systems, including the Webreg System, Transcript Request, and others. Once assigned an RUID, that RUID remains with the student even if there is a significant break in attendance.

To find out what your RUID number is see Non-Rutgers students are required to provide the Social Security number during the initial registration process for tracking purposes, but will use the assigned RUID number for all transactions thereafter.


The Rutgers Student ID, also known as the RUConnection Card is the physical identification card with the student’s picture. Several buildings on campus, such as the Library, Computing Center, Student Housing, and the Athletic Center, require a Student ID to enter. The card also can be used for identification for student events and activities, and may be used to access pre-purchased meal plans.

Students obtain the Student ID card at the Impact Booth in the Camden Campus Center, located directly across from the main entrance of the building on Penn Walk. Students must be actively registered and have completed payment before an ID card will be issued. Students must present a valid government issued ID to obtain the Student ID. For hours of operation, see the Camden Campus Center website.


The NetID is the online identification for a Rutgers student, and is used to access any online components of classes (including completely online classes), the wireless services on campus, or computers in the campus center. The NetID is also required to view student grades without ordering a formal transcript and to log into the vaccination verification system. The NetID also gives the student a Rutgers email account, through which the student will receive all official electronic communications with the university.

Students can activate a NetID by going to the website and selecting “NetID Activation” on the left hand side. 


A student’s PAC is their Personal Access Code. It is a four digit pin number that is used in conjunction with the RUID to access certain systems at Rutgers, including Webreg, Student Bills, and others. The PAC is assigned to the student at the time of their first registration with Rutgers, and defaults to their birth month and day as a four digit number (so April 15 would be 0415). The student’s PAC does not reset even after a long break in attendance with the unversity.

Students may change their PAC (and therefore reset it) by going to the PAC UPDATE website. Please note that the student will require a valid NetID and password to log into that system.

If you do not remember your PAC, and do not presently have a valid NetID (or cannot remember that either), the Registar’s Office may reset your PAC directly. This must be done in person and the student must present a valid Student ID or government issed ID in order for the action to be taken.